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Data Scientist

Cambridge, ON, Canada

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for a data scientist who can work on applying various algorithmic techniques to solving real-world agtech problems and. emerging research in the area. To apply, please send an email to


  • Extensive experience applying various algorithmic techniques to solving real-world problems.

  • Experience deploying software that makes decisions, and measuring the impact of those decisions.

  • Experience working with cross-functional stakeholders to implement or maintain software that serves business needs.

  • Fluency in Python and enjoy building software the team can depend on.

  • Proficiency with SQL and can work “full stack” to integrate solutions with our data ecosystem.

  • Confidence in taking ownership of projects from start to finish and enjoy the process of turning ideas into reality.

  • Enthusiasm for translating business, operations, and agricultural questions into data science problems, solving those problems, and interpreting the output back into clear outcomes.

  • A strong mathematical background in probability, statistics, and optimization algorithms.

About the Company

ICASSSD is a not-for-profit International Organization headquartered at Kitchener-Waterloo Region in Canada (the silicon valley of Canada). It conducts and utilizes solutions in the broad multi-disciplinary domains of sustainability and applied systems. The outcome of our  endeavors is to make impact in the communities world-wide where ICASSSD has its partner organization.

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